My Visions of the Universe. A book by the artist Jina Wallwork
Visionary art depicting the universe. Stylistically there are links with abstract art. Created from a visions and mediumship.

My Visions of the Universe

There are various perspectives on the nature of existence. Many different beliefs can exist side by side. I’ve had visions of the universe, and I responded as any artist would. I made artwork based on those spiritual experiences. I’m a medium for the spirit world, and I asked many questions. It wasn’t enough to see the universe; I wanted to understand it. Many conversations focused on the universe and the nature of time. I learned that time only occurs inside of a universe. There is no time when you exist outside a universe. I’ve found this concept endlessly fascinating. I wanted to share my unique perspective and add another voice to the conversation. These are my visions of the universe.

The Time Series

Book 1 My Visions of the Universe 

Book 2 Time and the Universe

Time and the Universe book cover by Jina Wallwork