Another Song

A piece of artwork showing a musician playing the balalaika stringed instrument. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

Another Song by Jina Wallwork

When you feel sorrow, it is always worth exploring the emotions that surround it. When you feel heartache, you know that it is only possible if you also feel love. There are always other emotions connecting to the sadness that tries so hard to dominate. Music can give those other emotions a louder voice. It can provide them with the space to speak. It allows you to view your emotional landscape from a broader perspective. We never feel one emotion in isolation. We are a complex map of various sensations. When we listen to a song, we hear the feelings of another person. It can be cloaked in a different culture, but there is naked vulnerability when all is stripped away. There is a world of emotion that reminds us of everything that surrounds the feeling of sorrow. Sometimes you need to be reminded that you are complex. You are always more than any sorrow that you feel. There are always other songs to sing. 

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