The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is an ink and paint drawing of abstract subject matter. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with abstract art.

Connections – Jina Wallwork


All those friends that have come and gone, I have loved them all. There have been times when we faced the same lesson, and it guided us to share part of our journeys. Those connections have changed over the years. Some were severed abruptly. Some threads were cut by death, and others were divided by conflict. Those were the friends I loved but didn’t understand.

Other friendships gradually faded away. The threads that connected us stretched due to the distance, and they became strained and inflexible. The days don’t contain enough hours to accommodate the presence of all those I have loved. I cannot carry them along my path, because I know that we are traveling in different directions. It would be selfish to ask them to make space for me and my personal journey. I grieve that they are no longer a part of my life. This feeling of loss and sadness reminds me that all is not lost. They are here in my memories. They’re not physically at my side, but they’re a part of me.

Green (book cover) by Jina Wallwork

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