Day 22

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a drawing of a daily meditation. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with abstract art.

Day 22 by Jina Wallwork

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a photograph of a daily meditation created using stones. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with land art and earthworks.

Day 22 by Jina Wallwork


Day 22

I’m searching my memory for a day. I have analyzed her cruel words attempting to understand where they came from. I search for a day when I may have assisted in their creation. What did I say? What did I do? I beg the past for answers, which increases and stimulates my collection of regrets. There is no blueprint within the past. Perhaps, it can only be found in her past. Do they exist in her unique perspective of those days? I cannot see the error of my ways. Did I have the role of a villain? I want to ask, and I want to understand. I want to see the day I caused her sorrow.

I scramble through these events, and my imagination runs wild. I need to stop looking in the past and live for the moment. As I look back, I can see my love through a lens of regret, and I find it difficult to let go. If I cease to look into the past, I will lose her completely. It is only my regrets that keep her within this day. I’m not ready for tomorrow.

27 Days

27 Days is a series of transient sculptures each representing a single day. The sculptures are made from natural materials where stones are shaped into different patterns. My behavior shapes the nature of each day, how I move the stones shapes the sculpture that represents it. These temporary sculptures are also meditations upon a day. Over many days we can see patterns emerge and slowly life changes, but within a single day this pattern is elusive. We are making decisions and responding to life’s challenges but we do not know what we are creating. To meditate upon a single day is an act of consciously observing your life as it unfolds.

Artworks were then created from the photos of those transient sculptures. Those works represent viewing each day with hindsight. There are similarities, but the memory of the day is different to the experience within the moment.

Not all of the artwork from this day is on the website. Buy the book My Visions of the Universe and view the whole series and more.

My Visions of the Universe. A book by the artist Jina Wallwork

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