A piece of artwork showing a giant hand carrying people through the flames. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

Support by Jina Wallwork

If the ear doesn’t listen, then support can’t exist. When you give someone assistance, it can sometimes seem simple, but it requires a level of understanding. You can’t decide what someone else needs because that isn’t helpful. We can often see that someone needs to be carried through the flames. It seems obvious, and sometimes we have the tools and resources that shape us into a giant who can guide them forward. Everyone wants to help, and it’s good to have a sense of purpose and a heart filled with compassion. However, we can’t blindly carry them through the inferno only to place them in the wrong place. They may look back at the flames knowing that they will have to charge through them to reach the people they love. A giant always needs to listen because a pure intention cannot provide us with the required knowledge. You should never decide on the support that you want to give because you’re not the person who is capable of understanding what’s needed. The recipient is the only person who knows what they need. They know their needs and the direction they need to travel. Have you provided a safe space to speak? Have you listened to their words? If the recipient doesn’t see your behavior as support, then it isn’t.

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