Freedom and Fate

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a digital painting of people. One mans body is made of bars and the other man has an arm traveling through his chest. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with surrealism.

Freedom and Fate by Jina Wallwork

I know that you can’t choose your own desires. The heart makes choices that we either follow or don’t. Our actions are based on a collection of desires and thoughts that we can’t choose. I can’t feel a set of emotions that are alien to me, and I can’t decide to be someone else. I’m only free to be me. I might believe that I’m trapped within the confines of my own soul and forced to walk a path that has been decided by fate. I can’t embrace an erratic array of choices or switch directions because I am who I am, and you are who you are.

         As I walk my path, I feel like a free spirit. I believe in my own freedom, even though I can see the footsteps I haven’t yet created. I step forward into the fragments of a premonition. It is in these moments that I feel the most freedom. I believe in my own freedom, and I believe in my own soul. If I felt trapped, then I would be imprisoned by that belief. My soul feels free and powerful even though the path has already been decided by something larger than myself. I once chose not to believe in fate because I feared the restrictions that are part of its existence. Now, I see freedom as an emotion and a belief. It becomes intense when I accept my path, and it diminishes when I attempt to walk away. Every diversion seems like a part of the greater design. I feel as though I’m free. Am I?


Time and the Universe book cover by Jina Wallwork

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