The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a drawing of abstract subject matter. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with abstract art.

Greener – Jina Wallwork


I can see your beautiful green grass. It camouflages the soil completely. I cannot see your sweat deep within the earth because I wasn’t present when you prepared your ground. I can see only these beautiful results. If I could see the dedication, perseverance, and struggle, I would feel no jealousy. Instead, I see only a grass that is greener than my own. With a superficial glance, I imagine that your results came with great ease. I cannot see the fallen tears in the soil because I was not there when you were frustrated by your difficulties. I cannot see the sacrifices you’ve made because I’m blind to your journey. I can see only this moment and the success you’ve obtained. You could explain the struggle, but I wouldn’t listen, because it would only irritate me further. It would sound like a complaint. You would seem ungrateful for all you’ve achieved, moaning about the slightest obstacle that you have now overcome. Whining about something I’ve always desired yet will never possess. It would make my jealousy so much larger. You cannot explain your process, because I wouldn’t understand. You cannot share your journey with me. Your life is better; your grass is greener.


Green (book cover) by Jina Wallwork

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