The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a digital painting of a person with keys. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with surrealism.

Keys – Jina Wallwork


Hope strengthens his imagination and disguises the truth. There is space for him to believe that she will return to his side and he can ignore the words that have been spoken. He imagines her apology, begging and desperate, while he calmly withholds his reply.  His view of his own self importance stands like a castle built by his own hands. His ego can withstand any storm created by a woman that he has labeled as irrational. As she returns to his door, she knocks politely on the half that belongs to him. Her perception no longer recognizes this location as home. The time it takes for him to answer is extended by his own performance. He pretends that he hasn’t been waiting and he disguises how important he believes her to be. Perhaps, if he had shown more integrity the relationship would be strong. If he had shown his feelings she would have known how much she is desired. He answers the door waiting for her to speak the words that exist within his fantasy. She looks away, sighs with emotional exhaustion, while she searches her pockets. She gives him the keys that she has no inclination to use. She has walked out and now she asks him to lock the door behind her. His fantasy crumbles, but his castle still stands. Shocked and devastated he labels her as crazy in order to protect his own ego. These keys cut deep into his emotions until they reach his anger. There he finds a million ways to blame her for all that has occurred. He is shielding himself from the pain and the sorrow. However, he is also restricting his ability to learn from the experience. Through the allocation of blame we refuse to grow.

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