Melencolia 1

Jina Wallwork's version of Melencolia 1, originally by Albrecht Dürer.

Melencolia 1 by Jina Wallwork

(Jina’s version of Melencolia 1 by Albrecht Dürer.)


Like all bodies, mine was made from the essence of the universe. We had merged so completely that I ceased to remember anything that had gone before. We danced together and shared every experience, but time has changed us. My body became heavy and difficult to maneuver, and its voice became louder, speaking to me as pain and discomfort. As the volume increased, my body struggled to hear my words. I would consider which direction to take, and my words would become lost before my body could hear them. It was such a difficult relationship to discard. My body was a fundamental part of my life, and I believed we were one and the same. My identity had become tied to a shell that was molded from the soul of the universe. I couldn’t remember who I was before we came together, and I wasn’t sure who I would become once we had parted. I knew that I would lose a part of myself when my body fell away. I can’t say where I’ll go or who I will become. The journey is full of surprises. I’m going to travel beyond those stars and see what’s there. My body will stay, so let the earth embrace it and let the universe keep it.

           I now understand why my body became so difficult to carry. I needed to let go, so I could fly. I will miss so much of this world. All of you have shaped the feathers of my wings, and your love has forever touched my soul. I have a future, and it’s waiting for me. It isn’t time for melancholy. It’s time to take flight.

Time and the Universe book cover by Jina Wallwork

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