Jina Wallwork's version of the Virgin and Child , originally by Elisabetta Sirani.

Virgin and Child by Jina Wallwork

(Jina’s version of Virgin and Child by Elisabetta Sirani)

 Prayer can be an expression of faith or the celebration associated with connecting to something larger than yourself. It doesn’t need to follow the rules of a particular religious tradition. You can speak to the creator or you can speak to an infinite design. Regardless of your beliefs your words will never be lost. Whether you speak to a single god or many, I’m sure your words will be heard. You are of great importance and when you speak to the most venerated souls it will remind you of your own value. When you’re battered and bruised by the difficulties of life these conversations will remind you that you still have a role to play. Every soul is a single piece in a jigsaw. We are incomplete without you.

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