The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is an ink and pencil drawing of a person with a puppet. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

Puppeteer – Jina Wallwork


There is no honesty within his attempts to communicate, although I can still see who he really is. I navigate a course through his manipulations, and it feels as though I am stepping over the toys of children in order to walk forward. I can see him within all the lies and the games that I refuse to play. I can see his aims and objectives, and I know who he is. He has chosen to be my puppeteer. He can pull my strings because I won’t dance. Every string contains a prediction and an assumption about who I am. This string will strike a note in order to trigger a specific behavioral response. Every tune pushes me to dance in a specific way. This puppet, he has embodied it with a personality and a set of characteristics in order to predict my behavior. However, I’m not this puppet. His assumptions are false because this puppet isn’t based on my personality, it’s based on his. He is both the puppet and the puppeteer.

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