Side by Side

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a digital drawing of two people as trees. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism and surrealism.

Side by Side by Jina Wallwork

We have both taken the time to understand ourselves. We have traveled into the depths of our own nature and discovered the inner truth of who we are. Friendships come in many shapes and styles; although, they all involve revealing who we are and discovering what binds us together. Relationships are created, but the connection is already defined because we each have our own truth and that essence connects in specific ways. Some people are more compatible than others, yet we all want to make friends and belong to a community. A connection can be discovered, but it can’t be changed because when people present themselves with integrity the true nature of the bond is undeniable. It might not be the relationship you would choose, but if you try to increase the connection it will have the reverse effect. The desire to connect with a particular individual may seduce us into altering our behavior. We can shape how we appear in their company, corrupting how we present ourselves to the world around us, but we can’t change who we are. People would only have the choice of connecting to the distortion that we place on show. The aim is to deepen the connection; however, it only becomes more superficial because we cease to be fully present. Such a connection has no emotional depth and results in the feeling of being alone and misunderstood. Alternatively, we can grow side by side like trees in a forest. I will not lean towards your direction because I would end up twisted and weakened by my attempt to belong. Instead, we will both grow towards the light and connect to each other from a position of strength.

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