Strength, taken from a set of Tarot cards designed by Jina Wallwork.

Strength: 8

Artwork Description

It is traditional in the tarot for the strength card to feature a man opening the jaws of a lion. In my image, he is within the beast, and he must force his way out or become another meal. When we compromise our beliefs and values, we are devoured by our own shadow. I wouldn’t tell someone the moral beliefs they should adopt, although I would want them to achieve their standards. I want people to see themselves in a positive light. To escape the jaws of a lion, you must become just as fierce and passionate. You must be honest about what’s important to you. You shouldn’t conform to an external standard of who you should be, although you should always behave in a manner that you approve of. You must become comfortable with who you are.


Strength Upright


Nice is an ugly word. When it is assigned to a person, it implies that they’re malleable. It suggests they will bend to your will and compromise any beliefs that they hold. Don’t choose to be nice when you can choose to be bold and daring. You can still be a good person while you’re saying no. There is nothing wrong in refusing to fulfill another person’s desire. In truth, your moral core will be firmer because it will not be tainted by conforming to what others have requested. People will always push you to compromise what you believe is right when it assists their objectives. Sometimes, you need to be a difficult and challenging person. Don’t be bullied into playing a role that is beneath you. The people who care about you will always want you to be strong and powerful. Only a selfish person would want you to be nice.


Strength Reversed

A Lack of Conviction

You don’t want to see your reflection. You’re no longer comfortable in your skin. These weren’t the actions that you would have chosen. You know there was a better way, and you spoke of its benefits. Bombarded by the demands of others, you became lost within their objectives. At the time, you questioned what else you could do, and now your mind is filled with solutions that would have been preferable to the actions that were taken. There has been a high price for a temporary truce. How long before you’re pushed to make another compromise? How much of yourself must be sacrificed to further the aims of people who don’t consider your perspective? Being a peacemaker is admirable, but your actions go beyond that role. When one party makes enormous sacrifices to appease a determined army, they are surrendering to a ruthless aggressor. Real peace requires compromise on both sides. Is this the person you want to be? You have become lost in the desires of others, and I question if you can admire the behaviors you have adopted. You need to rediscover your strength.



Tarot and Spirit Communication book cover by Jina Wallwork

Tarot and Spirit Communication

This explanation of the Strength card comes from the book, Tarot and Spirit Communication. The book explains tarot cards and their meanings. It is also an essential guide for any aspiring medium and tarot practitioner. If you want to read the energy that is imprinted on a flower or use astral projection to travel to the other side of the world, then this book will show you how.t

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