Sunflowers 2

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a digital painting of a person and sunflowers. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with surrealism.

Sunflowers 2 by Jina Wallwork


Dear Vincent,

I understand the importance of sharing your vision and I’ve experienced the same frustrations. A complex inner world is a beautiful gift, but if there is no opportunity to share your vision with others then it can become a place of isolation. Through artistic expression we share our world and invite others to enter. When I view your artwork, I see your soul. It’s a deep and intimate connection because the artist is brave. Inside the images that we create, we reveal our complete truth. We are vulnerable and we let the world step inside our soul. I’ve explored your world, and I’ve sometimes been scared of your intensity, but those colors have faded over time. As your shouting became quieter, you became easier to understand. I’ve sat in your chair and I’ve walked around your bedroom. You invited me into your life. Through art you expressed your connection to the world. You welcomed others into your life in the only way that you knew how. In an act of faith, you revealed your inner world and waited for others to step inside. I share the same form of expression. It is common to many artists. It seems as though our voice is forever blocked with unspoken words because in order to connect with others we must reveal the entire world that exists within our soul. Like many artists, we share a love of truth and a passion for deep and meaningful connections.

In conversations the spoken word can betray us. We can struggle with a language built from words because it struggles to convey the depth of our emotions. We speak through visuals and it can be a slow form of communication. To listen, a viewer must give us a brief moment of deep consideration. It is a form of communication that values depth above all other things, including time. When I look at your paintings I’m listening to your soul. Vincent, where are you? I know that you still exist because there is a connection from me to you. I hope that you can feel when a person views your artwork and steps into your world because it is a place that is loved by many people. We all connect to you.


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