The Arnolfini Portrait

Jina Wallwork's version of The Arnolfini Portrait , originally by Jan van Eyck.

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jina Wallwork

(Jina’s version of The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck.)


There are some paintings that inspire a conversation. A dialogue stretches beyond a century as new viewers examine the image and the writings that explore its symbols. The Arnolfini Portrait by Van Eyck is one of those paintings. It speaks in a visual language, and when people translate this image into words it creates a mass of writing. It has inspired deep intellectual thought and conflicting opinions. The image is full of depth and substance, yet it could be misunderstood if the viewer greets it with a superficial gaze. Look deeply and you will see a work that is aesthetic and conceptual. It is a painting that reveals the intellectual heights that are possible within a single piece of artwork.

C1 Art Composition

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