The High Priest

The High Priest, taken from a set of Tarot cards designed by Jina Wallwork.

The High Priest: 5

Artwork Description

We don’t passively accept an idea and incorporate it into our belief system. Instead, we connect to an idea, and this bond includes our values and understanding. The mind needs to be open because a closed mind will trap stagnant ideas inside. When we ask deep questions, our ideas become alive. Our thoughts dance through our consciousness. A good idea should feed the imagination and inspire a greater understanding. Wisdom travels through the centuries because we all connect to it. True wisdom guides us through times of difficulty, and then it becomes a part of who we are.

High Priest Upright


Every path to knowledge begins with a question. A curious mind looks at the world and desires to understand its mysteries. You are not the first person to ask these questions. People have struggled with the lessons that you’re facing now, and they are capable of providing you with assistance. There is support available from your community. There is advice from people who have experienced the same issues. You don’t need to take the same actions or come to the same conclusions, although you do need to listen. All knowledge comes at a high cost. In life, wisdom is acquired through the contemplation of the difficulties that you have faced. No idea is worthless. An idea can be small and not fully formed, and it is not the truth of the concept that defines its value. The exploration of an idea challenges the intellect and inspires the spirit. Your heritage contains wisdom and beauty. Listen with respect and deep consideration because your community has much to offer.

The High Priest Reversed

Tradition Rejected

You have a valid perspective, and your views should be respected, but there are problems. Your new understanding is in conflict with the knowledge and values that are revered by your community. It didn’t seem like a rule until you came to break it. Your ideas and behaviors seem unusual and out of place. Well-intentioned people will encourage you to conform to tradition. Still, you can’t discard the wisdom that you have gained from experience. You can reject an idea, belief, or an entire value system, but you shouldn’t dismiss the people who hold them in high regard. This is still your community. A moment of individual expression might inspire debate. However, your individuality shouldn’t cause you to be banished from the group. Allow space for disagreement and listen with respect because everyone clings to their beliefs. Discard a tradition if you feel that it is in conflict with your beliefs. Don’t discard the people who connect to those beliefs because they deserve to be treated with respect and compassion. They have a valid perspective, and their views should be respected.

Tarot and Spirit Communication book cover by Jina Wallwork

Tarot and Spirit Communication

This explanation of The High Priest card comes from the book, Tarot and Spirit Communication. The book explains tarot cards and their meanings. It is also an essential guide for any aspiring medium and tarot practitioner. If you want to read the energy that is imprinted on a flower or use astral projection to travel to the other side of the world, then this book will show you how.

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