The High Priestess

The High Priestess, taken from a set of Tarot cards designed by Jina Wallwork.

The High Priestess: 2

Artwork Description

I didn’t want this priestess to conform to a western notion of beauty. Our culture and society have shaped our concept of what is beautiful, and I want you to look deeper. There is more beneath the surface, and when you view the world through your intuition, beauty takes a different shape.

A person who is considered beautiful can become uglier with each encounter because you become more aware of the essence of their character. Alternatively, caring people become more beautiful with every interaction. Each facial feature connects to the light of a beautiful soul, and its love shines through to the surface. This is what it means to experience real beauty. You find the surface aesthetically pleasing because you know that it connects to a great spirit. You feel the beauty that surrounds you, and it’s a different way of seeing the world.

I want you to feel the identity of this priestess. I don’t want you to recognize her by the label she has been given. Her eyes are closed because she is focusing on her intuition. Her heart is the moon subtly revealing the truth through a variety of emotions. Her heart lights up the darkness, and her mind provides additional clarity. When she opens her eyes, her spirit will have found a balance between two visions. She has one perspective that is delivered from her heart and another that originates from her gaze. Balance is essential because it is the pathway to a complete perspective. Her mind is the sun bringing light to what is true. The truth is beautiful when it is viewed without distortion. Real clarity is a position of balance, and it is accompanied by a deep sense of peace.

The High Priestess Upright


The world is a manifestation that has been created by a collection of souls. Each person has a soul, and the natural world originates from the soul of the universe. If you look at the world through a superficial gaze, you will receive the smallest of insights. Soul energy flows like a current beneath all that can be seen, and your instincts allow you to feel the energy that surrounds you.

When a person chooses words that are designed to deceive, you will still be able to feel the truth. When you are surrounded by lies, your instincts will hold on to what is real. Feel the world and let these emotions fuel your vision. Some circumstances create an immediate emotional reaction that you can’t consciously explain. Trust your instincts and let them guide you forward.

The High Priestess Reversed

Ignoring Your Intuition

Your Instincts are screaming at you. You’re ignoring this feeling of discomfort because you trust only what you can see and touch. Your emotions have delivered a variety of warnings, but you have chosen to ignore them because you doubt their wisdom. You have chosen to believe these lies because it’s what you want to hear. Your emotions are battling a conflicting desire. You want to believe in this deception because it paints a picture of a circumstance that you desire. Ignoring the truth can lead to negative consequences. A dream that is built on an illusion will never have any substance.

A perspective that places a greater emphasis on a superficial gaze will always create stress and emotional suffering. Listen to your instincts, or you will drift into a problem that could’ve been avoided.


Tarot and Spirit Communication book cover by Jina Wallwork

Tarot and Spirit Communication

This explanation of The High Priestess card comes from the book, Tarot and Spirit Communication. The book explains tarot cards and their meanings. It is also an essential guide for any aspiring medium and tarot practitioner. If you want to read the energy that is imprinted on a flower or use astral projection to travel to the other side of the world, then this book will show you how.

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