The Lovers

The Lovers, taken from a set of Tarot cards designed by Jina Wallwork.

The Lovers: 6

Artwork Description

Cupid, I am your arrow. I know that love is never a choice. It cannot be altered by cruelty or forced to change its size. I trust that love has its own wisdom, and the direction it has chosen for me is perfect for who I am. I’m happy to follow love entering every challenging circumstance that it provides because it’s better to accept the things that you can’t control. Alternatively, I could struggle with the impossible task of changing my emotions. Through love, we come to understand that we are part of something greater than any one individual. I know that I am an arrow. My heart has chosen the direction, and I have no knowledge of the outcome. Love can be painful and incomprehensible, but I am an arrow, and through love, I take flight.


The Lovers Upright


You’re free to choose a lover. You’re desired, and you have choices to make. Each life contains a limited amount of space, and when we enter a relationship, we give someone our time. This is a substantial investment of something very precious. We choose to explore the connection, and this means sharing a minute, an hour, a year, or more. Once our time is freely given, we can’t ask for its return. Choose wisely, and let love guide you. When you welcome others into your life, it should be an act of love. I wouldn’t want you to regret that you didn’t spend your time more wisely. However, this decision shouldn’t cause you any fear. If you focus too heavily on the consequences of every action, then you will cease to live in the present. Choices must be made.


The Lovers Reversed


When we face a decision, we can’t view the outcome as being either good or bad. This kind of simplicity doesn’t exist. When we decide, it creates problems that are complex and messy. We might label them as good or bad, yet it is merely an indicator of how we perceive them, and this perception can change in time. Your decisions will always be flawed if you don’t take the time to consider the consequences of your actions. How will this impact the people around you, and what will it mean for the life you live. You will never have all the facts, and every choice you make will create an unpredictable outcome. There will always be some things that you regret, and there will always be other experiences that you treasure. A heart will never choose an easy road, yet it is still a valuable journey.


Tarot and Spirit Communication book cover by Jina Wallwork

Tarot and Spirit Communication

This explanation of The Lovers card comes from the book, Tarot and Spirit Communication. The book explains tarot cards and their meanings. It is also an essential guide for any aspiring medium and tarot practitioner. If you want to read the energy that is imprinted on a flower or use astral projection to travel to the other side of the world, then this book will show you how.

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