The Seated Demon

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a digital painting of a person. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

The Seated Demon (after Mikhail Vrubel) – Jina Wallwork


As the world burns, he is overwhelmed by a sense of calm. It is finally over. The change has occurred, and his freedom is now assured. The confines of this relationship have suffocated all his passion and joy. The prison sentence has been long and undeserved. He condemned himself with every false apology. He never understood why the words were requested, but recognized they were needed to obtain a transient peace. There is no love within her tearful screams; there is no love within this argument.

There was once a belief that small alterations could make this relationship work. He would eagerly accept the responsibility of fixing what was never whole. It is time to let go. He listens to her complaints and accepts his role as the evil demon. The blame feels light on his shoulders because they are kissed by the warm breeze of freedom. He listens to the sound of her voice but doesn’t hear her words. He is no longer present within the relationship. He is alone watching the sunset without a care for tomorrow. He has finally escaped. They are both free.

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