Who Are You?

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a ink and watercolor painting of a person. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

Who Are You? – Jina Wallwork

I frequently question who I am. There is a collection of labels that society has offered, some I’ve claimed and some I’ve fought against. Although, I know that I’m more than the culturally constructed labels that permeate our civilization. When I question my own nature, I know that there are layers of understanding. I’ve a complex relationship with myself because I know that self-discovery is a journey through a land of surprises and illusions. The answer is always incomplete.

When people introduce themselves, they begin with a label. They tell me a name, a collection of words that completely lack any real information about who they are. However, I know that there is complexity behind their answer and their understanding of themselves couldn’t be shared within the constraints of a short conversation. The answer is so large that it’s become reduced to the simplicity of a label so it can be understood.

Who am I? It is an enormous question filled with puzzles and intrigue. It is a question that will interest me throughout my life and the answer may always exist beyond my comprehension.

Who are you? This question must be seen as being equally vast and fascinating. If you see it as being easier to comprehend then you’ve casually slipped into a superficial gaze and have lost the ability to see clearly. When we search within, to discover our inner depths, we must also increase our awareness of what is present within the people around us. Everyone has treasures that exist deep within.