Within Your Hands

The image shows a piece of artwork by Jina Wallwork. It is a ink and paint drawing of a hand. Stylistically this piece of artwork has links with expressionism.

Within Your Hands – Jina Wallwork


I talk to her of the obstacles that I face, and I complain about my inability to tackle them. I imagine that it would be easier if my purse was fatter. In frustration, I form a fist, and my complaint becomes greater in detail. She looks at me with kindness and places her hands over my knuckles. I can feel her warm, gentle touch as she asks, “What is within your hands?” In that moment, I think only of all the things I can control. As I speak of each of them, I realize the full length of the list. There is so much within these hands. As she speaks, I can feel the burden grow lighter. She tells me that my focus should be placed only on the things I can control. Everything else is a burden that I carry only within my mind. At any moment, I can let go.

Green (book cover) by Jina Wallwork

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