Jina Wallwork Exhibits with Nancy Burson, Richard Renaldi, Jordan Eagles, and Others


22nd -24th  February, 2019.

Postcards from the Edge at Bortolami,

39 Walker Street, Tribeca, b/w Church St. and Broadway, New York, NY 10013, United States.


Artwork by Jina Wallwork is included in the Postcards from the Edge. The exhibition also includes artwork by Kathe Burkhart, Nancy Burson, Polly Apfelbaum, William Wegman, Louise Lawler, Ricci Albenda, Kay Rosen, Michael St. John, Tom Bianchi, Lawrence Weiner, Brendan Fernandes, Nayland Blake, Betty Tompkins, Donald Baechler, Robert Gober, Hans Haacke, Ida Applebroog, Louise Fishman, Jordan Eagles, Richard Renaldi, Jane Hammond, LJ Roberts, Sadie Barnette, Barbara Takenaga, Ross Bleckner, Judy Glantzman and others.

A full list of participating artists can be found at https://visualaids.org/events/detail/21st-annual-postcards-from-the-edge

This is a fundraising exhibition where all proceeds go towards the charity Visual Aids.


The videos below tell you a little more about some of the artists.



Poz https://www.poz.com/event/21st-annual-postcards-edge

Nancy Burson

Richard Renaldi

Jordan Eagles

William Wegman

Hans Haacke

Robert Gober

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