Green (book cover) by Jina Wallwork

This is my journey through success and failure. When you stand at the beginning of the process, you don’t have the skills that are necessary to reach the end. In that moment, you’re not capable; this is only temporary, however, because if you persevere, you will learn new skills and gain the experiences that are necessary to reach your goal. People will question your ability and disregard your potential at the beginning of any great endeavor. At times, I have felt frustration and shed tears, but looking back, I realized that it was all part of the process. I handled things badly, like anyone who faces a difficult lesson. I wish I had reacted differently to the skepticism of others. When people said I was incapable, I should’ve smiled, and then I could have told them how no one is ready at the beginning of their story. These are the first steps, and it doesn’t matter if they are wobbly, because they can always be improved. People don’t reach their full potential without facing great struggle and sacrifice, because a discovery so precious is not without cost.

Sadly, I didn’t have the understanding that would have allowed me to speak with grace. Instead, I fought with these difficulties, but I came to learn from every failure. I value what these experiences have taught me, and I want to share that understanding.

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